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Always endeavor to subtly study the Privacy Statement posted on the Site before making use of the Site.

No Use by Children

This Site should not be used by children younger than the ages of thirteen. If anyone is using this Site, that implies that the person is either thirteen years old or older and  therefore affirms any prior grant of rights, consents or agreement made by the operators. If you decide to register an account, that account would be used only by you.

User Submitted Content

You can communicate with other users on the Site by uploading pictures, participating in forums, commenting on other users’ articles and various other ways. You affirm that 1) that “your content” including the copyright belongs to you 2) none of the materials in “your content” are slanderous, indecent, lewd or violates any law 3) the use of “your content” is in agreement with the legal rights of any third party as stated on the Terms of Use 4) that you would make public your interest in competing with any user or any author.

Ownership of Rights of Your Content

This moment you authorize the operators to sell, rent , copy ,distribute, edit, publish, etc. “ your contents” in lieu of the operators’ businesses in any scheme and through any social media channel.  The operators oversee “your contents” on the Site, and they are authorized to edit or delete “your content” at any time and for whatsoever reason.

Prohibited Content

Besides  the prohibitions incorporated in the User Submitted Content Section, the users agree not to post any material that is :

  • Deceptive, toxic, threatening, rude, derogatory, obtrusive to other peoples’ privacy.
  • Violating the third party’s rights which may contain any conspicuous logo, manufacturer’s secret, copyright, or other ownership rights of the party.
  • Ownership and classified information that you are not permitted to make public.
  • Computer files, codes, program or software virus that have been created to wreck or limit the performance of any computer.
  • Electronic means such as a robot, skillet, etc. that are used extract data from the Site.


The users are to indemnify, protect and refund the operators, the parent companies, subsidiaries, partners, divisions, businesses, managers, representatives, producers and people representing the organization from all liabilities, rights demanded or reserved, all expenses including the attorneys’ fees from the use of the license set above.

Limitation of Liability

The operators, the parent companies, subsidiaries, partners, divisions, businesses, managers, representatives, producers and people representing the organization are not responsible for any kind of problem that may arise from the utilization of the Site. This restraint is applicable to all ostensible liability whether they are based on agreement, violation, carelessness and even if the operators have been forewarned of the possibility of such problems.

Content and Advice

The operators are not responsible for overseeing the precision or authenticity of the contents on the Site. All the concepts, recommendations, assertions, services, or other information are the responsibilities of the various authors or dealers.

This Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice.

All contents including texts, graphics, or images on this Site are strictly for informational use. They are not designed to be an alternative for licensed medical advice, analysis or medical care. Any problem you may encounter concerning any medical condition should be directed to your doctor or any qualified health personnel. Do not ignore any medical advice as a result of an article you might have read on this Site.  The owner and operators of this Site do not approve of or authorize any particular tests, services, or any other medical related information that may have been suggested on this Site.  If you decide to heed to any medical information contained on this Site, you are doing so at your own risk. All medical emergencies should be directed to a doctor.

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