Skin Care Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin


A beautiful glowing smooth skin is desired by all women and appreciated by every man.

We are genetically wired to be attracted to individuals with clear skin coupled by a glowing complexion since it is a sign of good health.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin

Drink a lot of water
This helps to keep you hydrated. The moment you fail to drink plenty of water, the body tends to suck the moisture from the skin and gives it to the body.

This dries out the skin and may result to spots and encourage breakouts.

Eat like a bird
Adding nuts and seeds in your diet helps improve the condition of your skin. Seeds and nuts are a perfect food since they contain healthy fats, fiber and Omega-3s to help a weakened Vata digestion.

You may also try adding sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, and other nuts to your oatmeal.

Eat plenty of vitamin C enriched foods
For example; bananas, strawberries and other common fruits are rich in vitamins C, D and E.

Oil up
Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, argan oil; there are numerous oils that can work wonders on the skin though most of them are prohibitively expensive.

If you cannot afford a super pricey bottle, go to Whole Foods or any another health food store and buy an unblended bottle for a significantly reduced price.

Beware of increased sensitivity to the sun
If you are on prescription medication, you should check the labels to understand if they affect the way your body reacts to heat and sun, and if it’s not clear ask your pharmacist or doctor.

It’s also imperative to ask about the potentially harmful effects of the sun if you are pregnant.

Live a healthy lifestyle
You should quit smoking. There are few common items that age the skin successfully as tobacco.

Eat a healthy diet that includes many vegetables and fruits. Make effort to reduce stress when possible.

Using a moisturizer also helps replace the natural minerals and moisture that are washed away while washing your face.

Eat a skin-boosting diet
A favorable diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables helps boost antioxidant levels in the body to help strengthen the skin.

This boosts the skin’s ability to cope with sunny conditions.

Wash your face in the evening and in the morning
This is essential and you should always remember to do it.

Use a facial cleanser and a sponge or a flannel. Washing the face with a cleanser helps to get rid of any spots.

Exercising is essential in preventing accumulation of cold Vata. Modern doctors advise exercising as a way of helping you sweat out toxins.

Exercise will also improve digestion, blood circulation and accord you a healthy blush.

Select the nature of exercise that makes you feel good and supplements you energy to keep going. Whether it is jogging, walking, dancing, boxing or yoga- you ought to enjoy it and have fun while moving your body.


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