How to Spot a Dating Con Man


You have met someone and they seem amazing on paper. They are too good to be true? Maybe you are not wrong, they might be.

While the infinite majority of people you meet are well-meaning and honest, there are a few despicable con men trolling the Internet and other places in an attempt to scam some money. They realize that the fastest way to your wallet is through your heart.

There are warning signs to help you avoid becoming a victim…They include:

He appears to be too good to be true
A con man will always have the ability of creating very attractive personas. This is meant to make you fall in love with him quickly as possible. He may present himself as an extremely wealthy businessman who has at finally found someone who understands him. At times he may say that he is a teacher, lawyer, policeman or any other professional individual in a position of respect and trust. They are very intelligent at crafting plausible situations that lower your guard in order to gain your trust. This is a way of creating a rapport so that they can request for assistance on issue that requires money later on.

They tend to be A Little Too Good Looking
A profile picture that features an astoundingly handsome person may be red flag.
Note the quality of the photo. Anything that appears to be more professional-looking should raise the suspicion levels. Scammers often use photos celebrity photos and use them as their own to attract people.

Check-out for inconsistencies between the person’s self-description and the photo. When they allege to be down-to-earth and not concerned with physical beauty, yet their photo seems like a Hollywood headshot, that ought to raise a question.

If you happen to be one of those beautiful, sincere, honest individuals it is advisable to include several photos that show you relaxing with friends and at home in addition to your professional photo.

He intends to move too fast

Whenever you meet someone new, whether it is online or in person you ought to take time to get to know each other slowly. If he declares his perpetual love for you soon after meeting and starts calling you by a pet name, be suspicious. Con men are exceptionally good at making you feel as though you are that special person they have been looking for all their life. This may pressure you into moving in together or getting married. You might feel flattered, but it is good to be realistic and insist on taking things slowly.

He asks for money
Con-men are extremely good at coming up with reasons that necessitate money. He suddenly develops an emergency that needs cash immediately. Among the reasons may be his pay check hasn’t come through yet and he needs to pay his rent or else he will be evicted. Others may claim that a family member needs emergency treatment that costs quite an amount. He will convince that the money you are offering is just a loan to tide him over until his money comes through. However, you should never give anyone money unless you have known them for a very long time and know that you can trust them completely regardless of the situation.

He disappears frequently
Men who disappear for days or weeks are invariably up to no good. Most likely he is leading a double life and may have a family elsewhere. Incase this happens be extremely cautious.

He requests for your personal information
A con man can be pretty clever at obtaining the information he needs to get his hands on your money. He may cunningly ask about where you bank or could request to have a look at your driving license. He might offer to do you a favor and pick up some cash for you from the ATM using your card. Identity theft is quite easy once you have the right information. As a result, make sure you keep this kind of information to yourself until you get to know him well.

The world is full of different types of people. Most of them are decent, law-abiding citizens. However, there are those waiting to take advantage of vulnerable women and deceive them out of money. It is upon you to make sure that you follow my tips on how to spot a dating con man and not fall for their charms.


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