9 Signs you are not Ready for a Relationship


“Of course, I am quite ready for a relationship.” I know this is what you ‘re thinking at the moment since it is what you have been waiting for so long.

I am surely not arguing on whether you want a real relationship. The big question is whether you are ready for a real relationship. This is definitely tough to answer, since it involves looking at yourself; beliefs, behaviors and attitudes in an open, real and honest way. It is never easy to do so.

We have all heard that you can never truly be ready for love. This means that it is tricky for you to know whether you are ready for a relationship. On occasions, an amazing person will come your way in random places that you list expected. Some things are not quite predictable. Since it is difficult to tell whether it’s time to welcome someone in your life, it would be easier to try and detect when you are not ready for a relationship.
Here are some signs to guide you….

1. You keep hooking up with people that are bad for you
The person you decide to spend time with says a lot about you than you would probably realize.
If you end up with people that don’t seem to have an interest serious and committed relationship, you need to evaluate yourself, and see what these choices say about you.

2.You think you have not dated enough people
Do you feel like it is quite early to commit to an exclusive relationship? The moment you think that you are inexperienced to “settle” into a serious relationship, since you are still having fun keeping it simple, you are not ready for true love.

3.Ex woes
Still have feelings for your ex? If you are trying to move on, but your ex’s memories are still torturing you and your ex-dominates your present lover in the mind, you have some issues to fix before moving on.

4. You’re unhappy
Talking about expensive dates to your pals as a woman might cheer you up momentarily, but the fact is that you are using the person you are dating. The moment you are not satisfied with where you are at that particular time, you ought to work at it. When your partner realizes that they are just a tool to make you feel good, it will be among the worst feelings in the world.

5. You are questioning your sexuality
In case you have been dating people of the opposite sex in order to prove that you are straight, just walk away. It is tough to give your partner the lowdown. Pull out a tried and true excuse. The sooner you do this, the better. It will give you time to sort issues out.

6. You are searching for someone to save you
You have to learn ways of being your own hero. Failure to this, you will never find a way to be happy. Worst case scenario is that your baggage might attract the type of people that thrive off of a little bit of drama. For sure, this will never lead to a happy ending.

If you feel that you are so insecure or that you life is a mess, then you ought to get that taken care of before indulging in a relationship.

7. You have trust issues
A dash of jealousy will not hurt anyone, but if you are the type of person to hacks into his or her e-mail or checks every text, you ought to cool down before getting down. It will require effort, but in the end it will pay off.

8. Pressure
You are being forced into relationships by your family or friends that are concerned about your love life. People around you may think that so and so is perfect for you, and they will convince you that dating them is the best decision you can ever make. Somehow, you do not feel the same way about the individual involved even if you are in a relationship with them. Please don’t let such pressure get in situations that you are not ready for.

9. You just want to get married
If you indulge in a relationship with the need that this person is your last relationship and should end in marriage, then you should not engage in a relationship. You are likely to settle for the first person to express such interest in you and you will not be happy. You should be concerned with how to be happy, and not finding relationships that will last forever.


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