10 Situations when Women want Sex

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Have you heard “not tonight sweetie” a too many times lately? If it is just not happening between the sheets, it might be time to find out what really gets her psyched for sex. For guys they are generally up for sex whenever, wherever (regardless of the situation).It is usually different with women. They tend to need a little inspiration.

Here are some of the situations that are likely to put women in the mood. These are a broad base of situations that you can use to approach your partner about rejuvenating a lagging sex life. Not every situation will work for all partners, and not all women react the same way in these situations. Before approaching your partner and trying to seduce her, it is adviced to take the entire situation into consideration. This can help to prevent miscommunications and hurt feelings in case she says “no”.

1.Happy Events
Just like men, women are also extremely open to sexual intercourse after they have received some good news. Raises, Promotions and even upcoming pregnancies are all ideal occasions to engage in sexual intercourse.

2. After concluding an Argument
Make-up sex can be one of the most amazing and intimate sex act between partners. During the argument, emotions are heightened and blood pressures are raised. This combination can create room for some exceptionally heated sex. Once the argument is over, it is the best time to tell her and show her that you love her, through sexual intercourse.

3. Modest Jealousy
A little jealousy can help instigate a sexual encounter with your partner. Nothing can make a woman want to reclaim her partner quite like watching him talk to other women. It is her way of showing dominance and superiority over you. Though it is not recommended to go out of your way to make her jealous, when these moments present themselves, chances are she will crave to remind you that you belong to her.

4. Relieving Stress
Most men might think that it is a good idea to leave a woman alone when she is stressed, but it might be among of the best times to approach her for intercourse. Nothing has the ability of relieving tension and stress like sexual intercourse. To some women it also helps to treat their tension headaches.

5. The Creative Pitch
If your partner enjoys painting, cooking, or any other creative activity, that might be the ideal moment to approach her. At this time she is relaxed and in a favorable mood, which means she is more receptive to sexual activities.

6. Abstinence
When you have just started dating a woman who has been single for an extended period of time, there are high chances she is not looking for a one night-stand. Patience and time might reward you with a partner who is also looking for a satisfying and rewarding sex life.

7. Watching a Sexy Movie
This is not the same as a pornographic movie. To the contrary, these movies tend to star Hollywood’s hottest leading men in some exceptionally steamy sex scenes. On some occasions these are the ideal things to get her psyched up.

8. Long Distance Relationship
Long distance relationships tend to be great for anyone’s sex life. The time spend apart only makes you want each other more. Once you are reunited, there are high chances that most of this time will be spent in the bedroom.

9. Don’t Stop Partying
A few drinks and a lot of dancing have the ability of making someone relax. Taking her out can help her to unwind her inhibitions and simply have fun. There are high chances she will want the entertainment to continue at the end of the evening.

10. 2 Weeks before Menstruation
Quite a number of women experience a peak in sexual arousal when they commence ovulation. It occurs two weeks before the initiation of the menstruation cycles. There are men who have realized that if they watch the calendar, their probability of having sex significantly increases during these two weeks.


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