7 Ways Yoga makes Sex Better


Yoga is amazing for releasing stress and coaching us on how to breathe through discomfort In short, yoga helps us to find ease in challenging situations. It tends to increase body awareness and mindfulness.

Through constant practice, we become more accustomed to our body, and we feel more comfortable in it. Many things become more blissful when your body is relaxed and functioning smoothly. What about sex? It feels waaaooh….. like a transformational experience. It is true; sex gets better with yoga. Not essentially from increased flexibility (though it comes in handy sometimes), but due to being more aware of your body and having the ability to completely relax and surrender. Mind chatter tends to get in the way of good sex. If you learn how to calm your mind, it will make you more present in the moments that you are sharing with your partner.

Here are the ways that yoga can help improve your sex life

1.Yoga can target your sexual zones
Many forms of yoga tend to refer to the root lock (Mula Bandha), which is the root of the pelvic floor, spine and perineum. Enhancing awareness in these areas through yoga helps you to be more in touch with them and increases your chances of enjoying sex more. In the challenging physical postures like the chatarunga, supta konasana, downward dog, and plow pose helps lift the pelvic-floor muscles, hence increasing core strength that functions to protect and support the spine.

2. Flexibility and freakiness
It is a fact that inflexibility and joint pain are bound to hinder your bedroom experiences. Yoga is a remarkable exercise for both reducing pain and improving flexibility in the joints and muscles. In the very least, flexibility tends to be great for your health. However, if your body can contort and move with ease, you are more likely to enjoy interesting and wild poses during sex.

3.You can finally live in the moment
Every now and then being present while having sex is harder than it seems, regardless of whether it feels great. You may be enjoying everything your partner is doing but are engulfed by how your stomach appears from a certain angle or on how your moans sound that you end up missing the good stuff. Orgasming with a jam-packed mind is also a near impossibility. Yoga teaches you how to be mindful of your body at all times. When you are in tune with yourself, there is a high probability that you will bring your A-game to any sexy situation, and this will take your sex life to greater heights.

4. Yoga increases your energy
A study by the National Sleep Foundation postulated that one in every four married Americans is deprived of sleep to an extent that they regularly turn down sex. Most of us are extremely tired at the end of each day that sex takes a backseat compared to watching TV, reading or just passing out. Indulging in yoga 3-4 times a week will help to get the blood flowing. Improved circulation enhances better sleep. Vigorous yoga like ashtanga, power and vinyasa have proven to increase energy levels hence making people feel refreshed and more vibrant.

5. Yoga provides mental benefits
Yoga alleviates nervousness, anger, anxiety, stress and reduces negative emotions. If you are engulfed by a ton of dark thoughts in your head, how do you expect to enjoy sex? Lowering stress levels helps to increase the libido. When you clear the head, you can relax and enjoy the present moment. In case there is someone intending to get naughty with you during that moment, you will be more apt to go for it.

6. Today’s yoga poses are probably tomorrow’s sex positions
The newfound ability to wrap a leg behind your head and touch your toes can indeed be put to good use. You can now flip through Kama Sutra with confidence that you can surmount practically any position. Putting focus on a few yoga poses can be helpful in enhancing your sexual skills.

7. Yoga helps decrease anxiety
By transferring attention and focus to the body and breathing, doing yoga helps to release physical tension and lower anxiety. If you’re not worried about other things, you are more probable to give your partner some mind blowing sex.


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