How to Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule


You are sure that you want to lose weight, but you’re so busy juggling work and other activities. How do you attain it?

Is it even possible when so much is going on?

Yes, you can lose weight while maintaining a busy schedule though it requires extra planning and foresight.

You only need to fit exercise into the day by introducing small changes.

If cooking dinner every night, getting to the gym regularly and packing your lunch sound like things you will never attain, you might think that real weight loss is not in the cards for you at the moment.

That’s true since healthy weight loss requires time commitment, more so if you are overweight.

However, don’t throw in the towel yet.

You do not necessarily need extra minutes in your day in order to eat less or move more.

These are two basic weight loss pillars. Here is how you can reevaluate the time that you have, and embrace smart strategies that will make dropping pounds easier, regardless of your schedule.
Don’t sit down when you get home

Most of us do not have sufficient time to exercise in the morning while preparing for work, or we all together prefer snoozing the clock for a few extra minutes.

In this case, you can execute your workouts in the afternoon or after work.

After a long day in the office, a good number wants to come home and relax, which ultimately means plopping down on the couch.

You should not succumb to the couch potato syndrome; you ought to stay on your feet. The moment you sit down, there is a 40% chance that you will not get up to exercise.

Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality
Every small step you embrace towards a healthy lifestyle matters.

People tend to think that they have to eat a diet full of hummus and superfoods or spend like an hour at the gym. If they fail to actualize that level, they give up and do not even try.

Instead of viewing your entire day as a failure or success, you should consider every decision made as a chance to do something healthy.

For example, just because you skipped the gym does not mean you should not watch your calorie intake.

Stick to a one drink rule
It might be tempting, but try to stick to a minimum of one drink per week.

Most people turn to alcohol for relaxation or as a stress-reliever. This can have negative consequences for your waistline if you are taking a drink every day.

To relish your drink more, you should choose a beverage that takes you longer to consume. Red wine might be a favorable option, in addition to some varieties of white wine, such as dry Riesling.

Squeeze in more movement
Having a 30 or 50 minute workout is ideal, but you can also burn a lot of calories in work-out situations that are not ideal.

There is nothing wrong when you break up your recommended 150 minutes of weekly reasonable exercise into short ruptures throughout the day.

If you can squeeze in 10 minutes in the morning, another 10 minutes at lunch, and finish with 10 minutes at night for five days in a week, you are there.

Use a daily planner
There’s no shame at all when you write things down, just do it.

Schedule when you ought to take your meals and your workouts based on your availability.

Organization makes things much easier, and you are more likely to uphold these daily and weekly habits.

Make sure you are sleeping enough
When you feel like you don’t have sufficient hours during the day, you might be tempted to wake up super early or stay up late just to get everything done, more so when you are trying to squeeze in regular exercise over and above everything else you are required to do.

The strategy may backfire if you are not having sufficient quality sleep. You end up lacking sufficient energy to execute your work-outs and have cravings for fatty and sugary foods in order to stay awake.

Practice simple food swaps
Whether it entails forgoing the cheese from a hamburger or changing from mayo to honey mustard, there are a lot of swaps that you can make to help you save on calories without costing you any extra time.


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