How to Boost Your Metabolism to Enhance Weight Loss


Your body might not be burning calories as quick as it should due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

Luckily, you have the ability to take control of your metabolism rate.

Metabolism fundamentally is the rate at which the body burns calories or in other words converts stored fat into energy.

As a result, the higher the metabolism, the faster the prospect of shedding those calories.

It is known that everybody has a different metabolism rate. Two women of similar weight and height have different metabolic rates due to inherent characteristics that the women possess.

I remember I used to complain about how I had a slow metabolic rate until I started searching for ways to increase the metabolic rate naturally.

This entailed changing certain aspects of my fitness regime and diet.

Today I am sharing some of the ideas I uncovered whilst transforming myself from fat to fit.

1. Get more sleep
The amount of time that you sleep can have a huge effect on your waistline.

Sleep deprivation might send your appetite and hunger hormones out of whack.

A study by the University of Wisconsin found that adults that slept regularly for only 5 hours increased hunger-inducing ‘ghrelin’ levels by 14.9% and in turn lowered the levels of appetite-suppressing ‘leptin’ by 15.5%.

2. Don’t overdo calorie cutting
Indulging in a very low calorie diet is a definite way not to lose weight.

The body is somehow programmed to defend your usual weight.

If you drop 1,000 calories suddenly from your diet, the resting metabolic rate (number of calories that your body burns in order to maintain essential bodily functions, such as heartbeat and breathing) will slow down automatically, because the body assumes that you are starving.

3. Exercise more often
The more lean muscle you contain, the more calories you will burn in a day. This is because muscle tends to use energy even when you are resting.

If you exercise enough, you will help prevent natural metabolic slowdown that is likely to begin as early as in your late twenties.

A good plan entails doing five workouts a week whereby 3 days are set for aerobic activity and 2 days for weight lifting.

4. Go for “good” carbs
Refined carbs, like white bread, bagels and potatoes, create a gush in insulin that results to promoting storage of fat and may slow down your metabolic rate.

That’s why you should go for high-fiber carbs instead.

5. Drink green tea
Ever wondered why the Chinese are so trim and slim? Green tea is a main part of their diet.

They take more than three cups a day.

Research indicates that green tea has anti-oxidant properties and also boosts the metabolism rate.

Drink one cup before each meal to keep yourself detoxified and fit.

6.Eat six meals a day
Eating small portions every two hours, totaling six meals in a day is a favorable way to boost the metabolism rate.

This is because a signal is sent to body in that it cannot “hoard” any food and hence burns faster since the body knows that you are receiving a fresh supply of energy frequently.

7.Skip alcohol
Thinking about having a cocktail before dinner? Think again. Taking a drink before a meal induces people to eat approximately 200 calories more than usual.

The body burns alcohol first, hence the calories contained in the rest of the meal are likely to be stored as fat.

In case you have a cocktail craving, you should stick to wine since it packs only 80 calories a glass.


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