How to Develop Wider Hips


Some ladies are naturally born with a large pelvis bone which helps to bring the illusion of wider hips.

However ,there are some of us that must work hard to get larger hips.

We all have muscular tissues on the hips area, but they’re not actually huge muscle tissue.

We all have the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and the tensor fasciae latae. If stimulated appropriately, these muscular tissues will be prompted to develop like other muscles on the body.

You can’t be scared to CHALLENGE your body if you want REAL results.

Alter Your Physique to get Wider Hips

Do exercises that focus on the hips

Side leg raises, hip raises and squat kicks must all be part of a hip-enhancement training routine.

The mac-daddy of hip-widening exercises may be the side lunge with dumbbells. This is a beefed-up version of the traditional lunge that allows for more resistance, and therefore, more potential muscle growth and hip width.

  • Plant your fit just a little wide like two toes apart. Flip your toes out fairly. Bend your right knee and come down into a lunge place. Your left leg will probably be completely straight and act as a pivot.
  • Come down until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Then using hip energy, push yourself again up, straightening your right leg. Do not put your ft back collectively. You’ll hold the two-foot distance between your toes through the whole exercise.
  • Now, lunge down to the other side. Come down until your knee is bent at a ninety-degree angle after which you push your body back up. Once more, straighten your legs and keep each toe in position. This posture protects your knees, allows you to maintain stress on the muscle tissue higher and use more resistance.
  • Add two dumbbells. Dangle one dumbbell in each hand. As you lunge right down to the right, the right-hand dumbbell must be on the skin of your right hip. The left-hand dumbbell must be held in front of your body down between your legs. Reverse your hand positions for the opposite side–left dumbbell on the surface of your left hip as you lunge to the left, right dumbbell down in between your legs.

Leg lifts

They are a super exercise for expanding your hips and build up muscle for wider thighs.

To do leg lifts, position yourself on the floor to your side, together with your head resting on one hand and your legs lying straight on the floor. Raise your leg slowly as far as you could or to a 90-degree angle from your body. Cling for a few seconds and slowly start to bring the leg back down.

Doing this ten to fifteen times a day on each leg should give you wider hips fairly fast.

Try yoga

There are lots of yoga poses designed to open your hips. This may construct muscle and allow for larger flexibility, which in return will make different hip workouts not feel complicated.

The Frog, the Pigeon, the Lizard and the Cow Face are all poses you can wish to get accustomed to.

Give birth

A woman’s hips will widen to make it possible for her to give birth.

In some cases, hips will return to pre-being pregnant size with time, however, in different cases, wider hips become a permanent part of a woman’s physique.

Use Proper Clothes

The usage of proper clothes may easily arouse the illusion of larger hips too.

Putting on a low cut dress with pocket spread wide on the butt will give the impression of wider hips.

Some jean brands such as VS Lift claim to offer the wearer an hour glass figure by pulling in the waist very tight while lifting and shaping the butt.

Wait it out

It turns out our hips get wider as we age.

Research findings suggest that it is not necessarily an addition of weight that would make one’s hips to seem bigger, but also the growth of the pelvic bone.

In a study that used contributors ranging in age from 20 to 75, researchers found that the width of the pelvis, the gap between the hip bones and the diameter of the hip bones all elevated as people get older and that the pelvic width of the oldest people within the study was about an inch greater than the youngest.

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