Life Lessons that Have Made People Successful


1. Failure Is Overrated

There is a cultural fascination that engulfs the concept of failure. The moment you fail, you have learned a series of things that did not work, but you still don’t have an idea of what will work. You will not repeat the same mistakes, but there is a probability you can make a different mistake next time. If you are going to reflect on failure, focus on improving what has succeeded in the past, but not avoiding what has failed.

2. The World Will Not Change Unless You Change

The world is not going to change for your sake. We should not blame the deficits in our lives on the people close to us. The outside world represents a reflection of who we are inside. The way you react to your life’s events determines who you are.

3. Don’t be Afraid to do the Opposite of what People Expect

When you follow other people’s expectations you only stand to achieve mediocre results that do not align with what drives and fulfils you. Doing your own thing requires some aspect of boldness since you will get some negative feedback when you do not conform to how others want or expect from you. There is nothing wrong with that, if anything it should serve as proof that you are on the right track.

4. Take a Break from your Passion

Most people are dedicated and work on their passion every single day. While I might applaud you for the hard work, you ought to take a break once in a while. Moments of clarity will usually come during these breaks. You get the opportunity to pivot your vision and expand it further. Subjecting yourself to the same environment every day limits your knowledge and hinders you from innovating. It is advisable to go as far away as possible from your passion, at least every 3 to 5 months for a couple of days.

Unwind, catch a break and relax. Life is more of an adventure and it is meant to be fun. It’s true that you need to indulge in hard work to attain your goals, but you have to smell the roses every now and then and let yourself be thankful for who you’re and what you are becoming.

5. Give Value as Much as you Take Value

A universe rule that always seems to work is that you ought to offer as much value as you take. This works even in relationships; The moment that all you do is take and never gives anything in return, there is a guarantee that the relationship is doomed to fail.

How do I know exactly what to give someone else? That’s a question most of you will be asking. The answer is you don’t know. Just give them something that you believe to be valuable to them and do so wholeheartedly. Even when your act brings no value for other people, they will be humbled that you tried and the outcome will be great.

In a business context, there has to be value exchanged on either side for a partnership to work. Don’t think of how much profit you are making hence how you will extract more money from the other side. You should start thinking of how you can give more value.

I guarantee that the moment you give the other side of a business partnership more value compared to what they expect, they will strive to outdo you any way they can. The process enhances innovation and a favorable people culture.

Friendly young people working as a business team

 6. Have an Open Mind at All Times

The major attribute that successful people uphold is having an open mind. They are always open to change and tend to think differently. This is the reason they see opportunities that are not vivid to normal people.

Everything that you know is only true if and only if you believe it to be so. Question everything you know and remember there is no single answer to any question. People who fail do so because they assume they have all the answers and don’t have an open mind.

You are not a failure and that is the reason you are here. If there is someone exhibiting different views from yours, take them out for lunch, you might learn something. Greatest life lessons are usually learnt from your foes, and not from people that always agree with everything you say.

7. No One knows what they are doing

Yes, this includes Fortune 500 CEO’s and other successful entrepreneurs.
All of us are just winging it. The major difference is that experienced individuals have learned how to mitigate mistakes better than others.

On occasions, those around us will provide recognition for topics we have inadequate knowledge about. That’s okay, so long as you have self-awareness of the shit you don’t know. The people that you should be cautious of are the ones that take pride from the shit they know. The sooner you comprehend that everyone around you have no idea of what they are doing, the earlier you will let go of your own fear and take the leap.

8. Always Speak your Mind.

There are times when you reserve your comments thinking they will hurt other people’s. This is a big mistake. Not only are you wasting time, but you endangering each other’s trust by not communicating your thoughts. It is good to open up from the begging rather always lament “I should have said……”

9. Fail Early since Time is your Best Asset

When you are young time is your greatest asset, but not your ideas, experience or talent. Time gives you the chance to make big mistakes by taking big risks. Starting some company to develop this crazy app you came up with while you were high or randomly packing all your belongings and moving to another city on a notion of working and living with your cousin, you will only get away with such things when you are young,  and have nothing to lose.

10. The World does not Care about You

This thought that is somehow frightening at first glance. However, it becomes so liberating the moment you processes its true meaning.  Just like David Foster said, “You will stop worrying about what others think about you the moment you realize how seldom they do.”


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