6 Ways of Battling Procrastination


At some point, everyone tends to procrastinate. However, there are those that do it more often compared to others.

Ability to finish even the simplest projects or tasks can be elusive to the habitual procrastinators.

Procrastination might seem harmless as it comes along. Though tallying all the time that one has wasted in the previous week, month or year might become more disconcerting.

Procrastination just comes naturally to people. This usually happens when we are tasked with something that we deem time-consuming, unpleasant or boring.

The natural inclination is to ignore these tasks and focus on things that bring along immediate pleasure.

It is vital to note that procrastination is a psychological issue, which can be reversed with several simple hacks.

Here are six hacks that will prove to be helpful for beating procrastination.

1.Change your Work Environment

On various occasions, the work environment might be the reason for your procrastination.

This is more when someone is working in a noisy neighborhood or in the middle of a huge mess that drives you crazy.

There is the need to change such environments in order to remain productive.

It is advisable to take some minutes to tidy the work space before starting on anything.

In case the environmental problem is beyond your control, you might consider relocating.

  1. Schedule your day in 15-minute blocks

The concept of multi-tasking might be the source of procrastination since it creates room for delaying less enjoyable activities.

Time blocking can help to prevent this aspect and increase your productivity.

With the activities that you plan to do throughout the day, you should divide them into 15-minute blocks.

It is more like creating a financial budget, but this time, the focus is on time and not money.

  1. Discover the biggest distractions

We are all liable to distractions at some point. Be it texting, chin-wagging with colleagues or social media.

Procrastination might be as a result of the distractions that are around us.

You need to identify the biggest distractions and eliminate them when you need to get down to work.

When it comes to digital distractions, there are variety of tools that one can use to temporarily block the undesired websites for a given duration of time.

  1. Set SMART goals

By now you know that a goal without a plan is merely a wish.

When a task is well defined and has a set deadline, the prospect of procrastination is quite low.

This is because SMART goals tend to be an enemy to procrastination.

The framework requires the development of goals that are measurable, specific, relevant, achievable and time-bound.

  1. Visualize success and motivation

There is a real power in visualization, and it can usher in amazing benefits into your life.

When you are struggling with lack of motivation and procrastination, you should give visualization a try.

However, there is need to note that visualization is not a matter of giving a passing thought to things that you want to do.

It is more complex than that.

There is a need for focus and true dedication to achieve results through visualization.

You have to imagine the sounds you’ll hear, emotions you’ll feel and sights you’ll see the moment you attain whatever you wish to complete.

  1. Find accountability partners

When you are an entrepreneur, you do not have a boss breathing down your neck.

This is one of the pleasures of being one’s own boss, but it can have a downside.

There is no one to keep you in line when you do not have superiors.

It is good to find accountability. In case there is a friend in the same industry, you can conduct a daily progress call with them.

You should not take procrastination lightly.

It might seem like a joke while you’re discussing it with friends, but it can really affect your success negatively.

You can overcome procrastination with the tips provided above in order to experience the freedom of maximum focus and productivity.


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