Excuses you Make for not Going to the Gym


Getting in shape needs commitment and dedication. Once you have set some goals, it ought to be easy to get to the gym and attain them, right? Well, that is not always the case.
Obstacles come up, and if you are not careful, excuses might prevent you from getting the body you desire. The moment we do not want to do something like exercising, we think of creative excuses to get out of it. Excuses tend to serve a simple purpose: that of relieving the guilt that comes with not doing whatever we purposed to do.
In the long-run, the excuses tend to diminish various aspects of our lives. If you actually want to do something, you should make time instead of making excuses.

Here are some excuses that people have for not going to the gym….

1. I don’t have enough time.
It is the most common fitness excuse out there.
Do you think if you were to add up the time spent surfing the web and watching TV throughout the week you could not replace some of it with a workout? A thirty-minute workout will only take about 2% of your day.
You should not ask yourself the amount of time you are going to waste by working out. Instead ask yourself the amount of your life that you are going to waste by being unfit and overweight.

2.My love life is interfering with my workouts

There comes a time in any relationship when your partner is going to interfere with your fitness objectives. I totally get it. It is easy to put a fine date ahead of a slayer cardio session on the priority list.

3. I never see any results
This is an awfully lame excuse. The reason you are not seeing results is because:
a) You eat a lot of junk that cancels out your workout
b) You don’t exercising regularly
c) You expect results too soon

You ought to be patient and wait for at least 3 months before you judge the results. In case you don’t see results after 3 months, you need consider doing something different compared to what you are currently doing. Something such as seeing a nutritionist, getting a personal trainer or changing the exercise routine.

4. I have kids to look after
One day your kids may have someone to look after too; and that’s you. Do not burden them by being an ill parent when they got their own kids to look after.
In case you are struggling to manage fitness and kids, you should combine the two. Locate a field to play frisbee for some hours, take a walk around the lake, go swimming among other things. There exist plenty of ways to have fun and exercise with your kids. Your imagination is the only limit. Your kids ought to be your biggest reason for exercising, and not your biggest excuse.

5.Gyms are too expensive.
This excuse is bogus since there are plenty of exercises you can undertake outside a gym that are free. Cycling, hiking and walking outside are free and quite effective. You can also search for exercise routines that can be done at the comfort of your home.

6. I do not know how to train properly
The internet has a lot of routines and training tips. However, you should not get too overwhelmed with the theory of ‘training properly’. Just like most things in life, you tend to learn best on the job. You should ask people in the gym on how to use proper technique, and then practice through action.
People like giving out tips. You may even get a training partner from this.

7. I am too tired
That’s obvious; you are tired, who isn’t? Exercise has the ability to boost your energy levels, believe it or not. As a result, you will have the ability to accomplish more and not feel as exhausted the moment you create time to exercise. If you feel extremely tired after work, you should try to go before work.

8. I do not have anyone to train with.
In short what you are saying is that you do not have someone to talk with while training. If you are training properly, you will not need to talk.
Do not get me wrong here, when you have a training partner is quite good, but there is something you need to understand: most people tend to meet their training partners while in the gym. This means that with time, you will have familiarized yourself with other people, and get training partners as a result.


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