11 Ways to Boost your Confidence


Just like finding a perfect pair of jeans, confidence can be a pretty elusive thing.

However, without confidence it’s easy to fall into the hole of self-doubt and negativity.

The aspect not only hurts us on a personal level (depression, anxiety, joining the lonely hearts’ club) but also puts a constraint on our professional success.

This is the reason you should make it your mission to find self-confidence shortcuts.

At certain times, even the greatest leaders tend to lack self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a mindset that requires effort to maintain whilst the going gets rough and it’s not a static quality.

It ought to be learned, applied and mastered just like any other skill.

The moment you master it, you will have changed for the better.

Here are several ways you can boost your confidence:

1.Be yourself – unapologetically

It’s good to remember that you cannot control what others think.

If you asked 20 people their opinions about you, you are likely to realize that you have 20 different reputations.

Strive to observe other people’s opinions, rather than developing an attachment to them. Find a personal style which feels great to you.

You should live your life in a way that you feel is right.

2. Think and act positively

Positive energy will lead to positive outcomes.

Therefore, tune your mind-set on the can-do side of a given situation, and avoid the negative self-talk that is likely to make you feel less confident.

Laugh, smile and surround yourself with happy and positive people. You will feel better and the people around you will enjoy your company.

Keep a gratitude journal reminiscent the high points of your day and the accomplishments made.

You’ll develop more peace of mind of mind and confidence when you are feeling grateful.

  1. Let go of the idea of perfectionism

Striving to be perfect can result to self-doubt.

Give yourself consent to make mistakes.

Not permitting yourself to make mistakes might halt your growth.

The same thing goes to overthinking.

  1. Walk faster

One of the ways to tell how an individual feels about himself/herself is to examine her walk.

Is it tired? painful? slow? Or is it purposeful and energetic?

People with confidence tend to walk quickly.

They have people to see, places to go and essential work to do.

Even when you are not in a hurry, you can boost your self confidence by putting some energy in your step.

Walking 25% faster makes you feel and look more important.

  1. Acknowledge your fears

 Fear is quite normal. The important thing is to not let it incapacitate you.

Recognizing your fears won’t make them come true. It is best acknowledging and addressing the fears rather than not facing them.

Write down what you are afraid of and what you plan to do in order to mitigate these fears.

6. Act the part.

Your body language can instantaneously demonstrate self-assuredness, or it could scream insecurity.

Present yourself in a manner that shows you are ready to take command of any situation.

If you seem confident and act the part that you desire to reach, you will not only feel in control, but other people will also have more confidence in you.

Sit up straight, hold your head high, bring your shoulders back to align with your spine and look straight at the other person when conversing.

Maintain good eye contact and avoid a limp handshake and while interacting with someone.

7. Say no

A study conducted at the University of California demonstrated that the more you find it difficult to say no, the more likely you will experience burnout, stress and even depression.

All these erode confidence.

Confident people understand that saying no is healthy, and usualy have the necessary self-esteem to make their nos apparent.

When it is time to say no they avoid phrase like “I am not certain” or “I do not think I can.”

They say it with confidence since they know that saying “NO’ to new commitments honors existing commitments and this accords them the opportunity to successfully accomplish them.

8. Be assertive, not aggressive

Aggressiveness isn’t a form of confidence; it’s more of bullying.

When you are insecure, it is easy to indulge into aggressiveness without intending to.

Practice how to assert yourself without getting aggressive.

This will only be achieved the moment you learn how to put your insecurities at bay.

9. Dress the part.

When you look better, you tend to feel better.

If you choose accessories and clothing that fit you well, suit your lifestyle and industry, and make you feel good, the aspect will increase your self-esteem.

Seem like the part you intend to play.

Don’t feel afraid to let your personality glitter in your accessories.

A colorful tie or bold jewelry can be a focal point and an excellent conversation starter.

  1. Gratitude

When you focus excessively on what you want, the mind tends to create reasons why you cannot have it.

The aspect leads you to focus on your weaknesses.

The appropriate way to avoid this is to consciously focus on gratitude.

Have some time each day to mentally list things you have to be grateful for.

Recall your loving relationships, past successes, positive momentum and unique skills.

You will be surprised how much you have in your favor and will be motivated to catch that next step towards success.

  1. Work out

Physical fitness has a massive effect on self confidence.

If you are not in shape, you will feel unattractive, insecure and less energetic.

Working out improves your physical appearance and accords some inner energy.

Having the discipline to work out makes you feel better and creates a positive momentum to build on the rest of the day.


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