10 Attributes Possessed by People with High Emotional intelligence


Some people tend to achieve more proponents of success compared to others.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

This happens in both professional and personal lives.

A good explanation to this query is that these people normally have high emotional intelligence (EQ).

What is emotional intelligence? It can be defined as the ability to gain awareness of one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships empathetically and judiciously.

Many people base their success on their IQ level.

Besides, they can rely upon emotional intelligence, which is a stronger predictor of success.

There are smart people out there who are hindered in achieving greatness since they do not play well with others.

This means that regardless of them having high IQ, they are horrible when it comes to emotional intelligence.

The good news is that anyone has the ability to develop a better emotional intelligence, unlike the IQ, which is hard to change.

In the road towards success, there is a likelihood of meeting several people that will play a significant role in your achievements.

Having a high emotional intelligence will make the interactions more rewarding.

There are some attributes that can help you to evaluate whether you have a high emotional intelligence.

They can also give you an idea of what to strengthen in order to succeed in your career and life. Among the attributes of people with high emotional intelligence is that;

1.They can balance work and play

Working all the time with less regard about yourself results to health problems and unnecessary stress in your life.

Individuals with high emotional intelligence are aware of when it’s time to play and when it’s time to work.

This ensures that they can go for a long period without being depleted.

  1. They listen first

Listening is an art that is normally empowered by emotional creativity coupled with discipline.

It is an indication of high emotional intelligence, and only few people have an easy time with it.

This is because it is not easy to remain genuinely curious regarding other people and have the discipline to restrain focus on oneself and listen to them 75% of the time.

  1. They are not perfectionists

Being a perfectionist can hinder the completion of tasks and attainment of goals since there will always be a problem with getting started, procrastination and searching for the perfect answer when it does not exist.

This is the reason why people with high emotional intelligence avoid the concept of being perfectionists.

There is an understanding that it does not exist and this helps them in moving forward.

In case they make a mistake, they make adjustments and take it as a learning opportunity.

  1. They don’t avoid new ideas, people or experiences

This is not to say that people with high emotional intelligence don’t have strong ideas or beliefs.

The fact is that they are not afraid to learn more regarding other perspectives or have their beliefs challenged.

They are more open in the way that they think.

Due to the intellectual curiosity, they have friends from diverse fields and backgrounds.

There is an understanding that they cannot always be right and this gives them an understanding that there is more that they can learn at all times.

  1. Surround themselves with positive people

They don’t spend a lot of their time listening to complainers and they avoid negative people altogether.

People with high emotional intelligence understand that negative individuals are an energy drain and they do not allow others to exhaust their vitality.

The openness, warmth and caring attitude that comes with positive people enlists them as being more trustworthy.

  1. They embrace change

Emotionally intelligent people don’t fear change, since they believe that it is part of life.

Fearing change can hinder success in many ways.

This is why they adapt to change and normally have a plan in case a certain type of change occurs.

  1. They are capable of setting boundaries and being assertive when necessary

Despite being friendly, their open nature might make them seem as pushovers to some people.

As a result, people with high emotional intelligence have the ability to set boundaries and assert themselves if need be.

They demonstrate consideration and politeness, but remain firm at the same time.

There is no tendency to make needless enemies.

They have the ability to measure and manage responses to situations that might elicit conflict.

Emotional intelligent people think before they speak and this creates time to calm down if their emotions are overwhelming.

  1. They are self-motivated

People with high emotional intelligence are ambitious and hard-working.

These are traits that they adapt from an early age.

They are motivated to achieve their goals, and not just because there is a reward at the end.

They are just go-getters by nature.


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