How to Stay Motivated in Life


It is difficult sometimes to find ways of staying motivated in life when daily stressors seem to surface all the time.

When you are feeling down, achieving a full day in the office without having a nap is enough of a challenge, leave alone achieving your dreams.

When you find yourself trapped in a personal and professional rut, there are ways you can stay motivated and get back on track.

1.Take control over what you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t 

Some things might be within your control, while others are not.

Learn to distinguish the difference.

Do not worry about circumstances beyond your control.

You might become too emotionally entangled that it will paralyze your progress.

Things will not always work out the way you wish them to, but the sooner you get over them, the closer you get to your next victory..

  1. Make a list of the reasons why you crave to accomplish the goal

In our busy and distracting world, it becomes quite easy to get blown off course.

That’s why you ought to ground yourself in your goal. Write your list using a pen.

Studies indicate that when we write using our hand and connect the letters manually, we tend to engage the brain more actively.

Typing provides a less mental connection since it is an automatic function that involves a mere selection of letters.

  1. Read and listen to positive information

The moment you fill your mind with inspiring and uplifting information, it keeps you motivated.

Go to the library or bookstore and find at least 1 book with a positive topic that will give you the necessary boost.

You need constant reminders informing you that you have capabilities of making various achievements.

  1. Surround yourself with positivity

Having someone put a restraint on your plans is a big hindrance when you are trying to motivate yourself to actualize your dreams and goals.

If you have a family member, coworker who portrays a real-life Debbie Downer, it is advisable to temporarily keep your distance.

If previously you tried communicating about your deadlines, goals, aspirations and dreams only to meet with cynicism, a glass-half-empty attitude or sarcasm you are more inclined to be engulfed in the gloomy mood.

Surround yourself with positive individuals that will listen and encourage your future endeavors.

  1. Speak positive affirmations

Words do possess a creative force.

Regardless of whatever is going on, you should speak out loud on what you want to happen.

Write down an affirmation that you can recite daily and put it somewhere that you can view it every day.

  1. Have a little down time

Creating room for some quality you-time is vital for stress survival.

Among the best ways to remain motivated in life is doing what you enjoy, even when it means a slight diversion on the road to your dreams.

Involving yourself with watching your favorite TV show or some mindless internet gaming will not ruin your chances of success, provided it is in reasonable doses.

Being on the clock constantly with deadlines will not help if you do not take a little time for yourself. Girl friends’ window shopping, bubble baths etc.

Indulge in what makes you feel happy temporarily.

However, ensure that you keep your focus on the long-term goals.

  1. Make a plan

There is a popular adage: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The moment you take your time to plan, you permit yourself to think throughout the entire process.

This can improve productivity, spark ideas and ensure an immense outcome.

When you have a written agenda, you remain motivated to accomplish it.

If you don’t have one, you will end up feeling stuck since you don’t have something to run with.

Write down your to-do list during the night. Identify three important things that must be accomplished the next day and start with them.

  1. Have an attitude of expectancy

You will normally get what you expect.

Having an expectation of something great to happen each and every day usually translates to reality.

Say aloud every morning to yourself in the mirror, “I expect something good to happen for me today!”


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