7 Traits that make a Great Leader


Traits that make a great leader might vary depending on the team, manager, organization and work environment.

Leadership also tends to vary in style. Leaders tend to have styles that are innate.

However, the methods of delivery, behaviors and attitudes that are effective to a particular staff member might be counterproductive for another.

Great leaders gain an awareness of their style and take the initiative of learning how the style comes across the relevant team.

Many are the times that you have had that someone is a born leader.

This is due to some traits that come out as being natural.

The debate is always open as to whether people develop abilities and skills to become leaders or they are born leaders.

There are several traits associated with great leaders. The traits might be part of their personality or developed with time.

Here are seven traits that great leaders possess…

Communication skills

It is an essential element of a great leader, but it is more complex than it sounds.

All the employees cannot be idiots if a certain problem tends to be reoccurring.

A great leader ought to have the ability to communicate clearly with everyone.

The appropriate way to kick start this trait is by encouraging communication among team members and paving way for an open door policy.


A great leader must nurture the ability to trust their team with the business vision for them to progress to the next level.

Trusting the team with your idea signifies an aspect of strength and not weakness.

As the business grows, delegation of tasks to the appropriate individuals is among the important skills.

The more you stretch yourself, the lower the quality of work becomes.


Doing the honest things makes the employees feel as if they know where they stand with you all the time.

Honest leaders tend to inspire through actions, in addition to words.

They understand that effective leadership is structured around trust. It also tends to develop a stronger team dynamic.


Great leaders tend to make decisions. Leaders will be called upon to make decisions that might impact both the employees and the organization.

Employees would want to follow an individual with the ability to weigh all the available options.

A good leader should always make a decision based on what is good for business.


There are times when things do not go as planned. The important thing is not to panic.

As a leader, one should have the ability to put out fires and ensure that the employee’s morale is maintained.

Focusing on the bigger picture is vital since setbacks are quite natural.

When a leader is confident, it becomes easier in helping the team to feel the same.

Positive attitude

A great leader should always keep the employee’s energy levels up.

It is good to remember that everyone is human.

As a result, it is good to bring a fine balance in the office by initiating a mood that encompasses both playfulness and productivity.


A good leader should lead by example on issues to do with the production of quality content and working hard.

It brings more motivation to employees when they see the boss down the trenches as they work alongside everyone else.

Showing commitment helps to earn respect from the employees and instills this work ethic in the organization.


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