12 Signs of a Cheating Spouse


Many marriages have been torn apart by infidelity. It is heart breaking to witness a beloved friend having to live his/her worst nightmare when they discover that their spouse has been unfaithful and selfish. I would never wish for this to happen on anyone. For this reason, I have used the dreadful experiences to collect tips and advice on how to catch a cheating spouse before it becomes too late in hopes that it will help someone in future.

Here are the signs of a cheating spouse:

1.Guarding the cell phone
I have heard this a lot in my girlfriend circles. He abruptly starts sleeping with the cell phone by his side, or bringing it to the shower with him. When you are together, he may turn it off and asserts that he does not want to be disturbed while he is with you. The truth is that he does not want to risk her/him calling or texting while you are there. If he will not even let you touch his phone, something up.

2. He/She starts dressing better

According to Marilyn Stowe; a divorce lawyer, this is a sign that people should look out for. Did he/she suddenly morph from dirty boots and flannel to smart shiny loafers and suits? I would add wearing of cologne all of a sudden, or even changing the cologne he/she always wears to something new. This could be a sign that someone gave him/her a bottle that they like better.

3. Frequent change of passwords

If your spouse is changing their cell phone, email, social media or computer passwords more than usual, there is a chance they are trying to hide something.

4. Cell phone habits
Any healthy relationship should be open. The moment your spouse answers the phone and instantaneously moves to a room where you can’t overhear the conversation, you need to watch out. Except they are planning you a surprise birthday party, your partner ought to feel comfortable talking to anyone on the phone in your presence.

5.Social media profiles
When a spouse is unfaithful, he/she is likely to make his/her social media profile appear very ‘single’. Updating profile pictures with solo shots or pictures with friends and hiding photos as a couple should be a huge red flag. You should also take notice of an obvious increase in the amount of time your partner spends on social networks every day.

6. He/She abruptly craves a lot of privacy.
Taking time for one’s self is very normal. However, there are times when it is abnormal or becomes more frequent. It is an indication that something else is going on. Going to work early, getting off the phone suddenly, leaving late and receiving a lot of ‘private calls’ from a “relative” (sister, mom, someone untraceable) are also red flags.

7. He/She hides his financial history from you.

Cheating spouses always need an untraceable ways to pay for things: meals, hotels, gifts, trips, etc. PayPal accounts, Reloadable credit cards, eBay purchases provide viable ways to hide frequent or large transactions. It is advisable to investigate large, random cash withdrawals or transfers.

8. He/She starts to make hurtful remarks about you.
Initiating fights all of a sudden presents a typical ploy. This is a strategy that would work for him/her in case they are caught. He/she will blame it on the fact that the two of you were always fighting!

9. Talking about how “horrible” or “ugly” a certain man/woman is.

I have seen this on several occasions. A guy/lady tries to cover up their attraction to a certain individual by slagging them off every chance they get.

10. Increased or Decreased desire for intimacy
On various occasions, sex desire may decrease since the cheater is getting their pleasure somewhere else. However, there is also a possibility that his/her desire for having sex may increase, due to the feelings of guilt.

11. Cleared history
A huge sign of a cheating spouse is when you find their phone or computer history being cleared regularly. Your spouse might be doing it for security reasons, but there is a high probability that they are attempting to cover their tracks.

12. He/She has unpredictable mood swings.
Being overly nice or angry in an instant is a red flag. There is no real reason for him/her to leave, therefore he/she has to create one.


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