17 Signs of Sex Addiction


Sex can be termed as a basic part of human nature. It is perfectly normal and healthy to have a spirited libido. However, there is a tipping point. This is when sexual desires can go from being healthy to out of control. Experts are usually on the fence with regards to whether sex addiction is a real condition. Despite there not being an official diagnosis for sex addiction, researchers and clinicians have attempted to define the condition using criteria based on chemical dependency literature.

Signs of sex addiction include:
1.Regularly engaging in more sex and with more partners than you would intend.

2. Being angry, anxious or irritable when not having frequent sex.

3. Persistently craving sex or being preoccupied with. You want to cut down but you are unsuccessfully in attempting to limit sexual activity.

4. Spontaneously engaging in phone sex.

5. Thinking of sex to the harm of other activities or constantly engaging in unwarranted sexual practices in spite of the desire to stop.

6. Compulsively cheating on your partner.

7. Spending substantial time in activities related to sex, such as visiting pornographic sites frequently or cruising for partners.

8. Masturbating obsessively and excessively.

9. Neglecting obligations such as family, school and work in pursuit of sex.

10. Developing a habit of being involved with anonymous sexual partners.

11. Persistently engaging in the sexual behavior regardless of the negative consequences, such as potential health risks or broken relationships.

12. Customarily having one-night stands.

13. Escalating frequency and scope of sexual activity to attain the desired effect, such as more regular visits to prostitutes.

14. Spending an excessive amount of time planning (often out of the ordinary) sex fantasies.

15. Being involved with unsafe sexual encounters even with knowledge of the risks involved.

16. Checking classified ads online and in print for sex partners.

17. Constantly trying to restrain the sexual urges, fantasies and behaviors without avail.

If you identify quite a number of these traits in yourself or your partner, seek help from a therapist. It is possible to treat Sexual addiction.


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