8 Essential Times to Give Undivided Attention to your Spouse


Marriage necessitates your undivided attention. Yes, other important elements of living need to be attended to, but nothing topples the importance of your marriage. There are moments when you ought to give undivided attention to your spouse.

Here are some of those important times.

In the morning when you wake-up
Ensure that him/her knows from beginning of the day that he/she is important to you. You might commence with a kiss then, “I am a lucky person to have the opportunity of waking up next to you”. You can then take the initiative of making the bed together. I did not say make-out in the bed together, although there will be times for this to occur. The moment you help each other to make the bed, it sends a statement that you are working together to make the home a pleasurable place to be. The bedroom presents a favorable starting point since it shows that you care.

When you are back together after a long day’s work
Greet your partner with a loving embrace and another one of those kisses that makes him/her feel special. It feels like an electrical charge and gives you the energy to make the evening more enjoyable. When you help kids with homework and put them to bed, it is usually more meaningful when someone is carrying around the afterglow that emanates from that memorable greeting.

In the event your spouse experiences a big disappointment
For instance, one thing that makes the aspect of losing a job worse is having a partner that criticizes you for the occurrence. This applies to any other major let down. We all want to know we are valued and loved as much during the hard times too. Albeit you cannot make everything better, you can provide a listening ear and empathy. Navigating through the gloomy parts of life feels better when you feel loved by your spouse.

When your spouse is on stage
This means that moment your spouse is in the spotlight. It can happen if he or she is giving a speech, playing a basketball game, singing in a program or running a marathon. This also includes any activity that he/she has prepared hard and call for your encouragement and applause. Your spouse should know that you are proud of him/her. Do not forget to tell them how fun it was watching them and how glad that you had an opportunity to be there.

When your spouse is ill
When you are sick, knowing that your spouse cares about you is very comforting. Even if all your partner craves is being left alone to rest, you can still make it happen by taking care of the kids or anything else that needs to be done. Offer ice packs, food, drink; anything that will be comforting. Loving care has the ability of making the healing happen faster.

When it is your spouse’s birthday
You should not let a birthday slip by without some special celebration. Begin the day with a, “Happy birthday, dear!” Do not make your partner wonder if you remembered. Commence early and make it joyful all day. Birthdays present a great opportunity to serve breakfast in bed. The two of you going out for lunch can be fun, too. Involve the kids with a dinner that encompasses his or her favorite food. Include birthday candles, and then sing the traditional birthday wishes. Regardless of what you do, your kids should see you celebrating as wife and husband. This way, they will learn the appropriate way of doing it when they get married.

When you know your spouse will be checking social media
This is an opportunity to showcase your love. You can tag him/her a picture of you as a couple on Facebook and include a brief charming write-up. You can say something like “Every now and then I feel like sharing this photo a million times….since I have the sweetest wife/husband on the planet. He/she is one of the most dedicated partner, and kind souls. I love him/her.” Such a thing will definitely make his/her day.

Giving your spouse undivided attention during these occasions can help keep your marriage alive. The attention accorded acts as a nourishment needed to develop a strong and lasting love. You should come up with your own ideas on how to give your partner full attention. There are a million ways and times. Begin today and sit back to enjoy the rewards it is likely to bring into your marriage.


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