9 ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse


If you love your spouse, being unfaithful is the last thing you would ever do to him or her. Sometimes having an affair is not even on your mind. However, you might not recognize other ways that you are being unfaithful. Doing some of the things listed below might be getting you on the edge of infidelity without your knowledge.

Enhancing minimal playful fun at the office with co-workers cannot be that bad, you can rationalize. Nevertheless, flirting is fun. You have to avoid it like the plague because it is dangerous. You have to ignore people flirting with you. What can be considered as flirting? It usually involves behaving and speaking in a way that suggests a gently greater intimacy compared to the actual relationship between colleagues, but it is still within the rules of social etiquette that normally disapproves a direct expression of sexual interest. It is accomplished by communicating a sense of irony or playfulness. Body language may include brief touching, eye contact, flicking the hair etc.”

Married individuals should not engage in this kind of behavior with other people, but only with their spouse. It’s a form of unfaithfulness that does not end well. The person you are flirting with might take it as an invitation and as a result, pursue a relationship that you never intended.

Failing to be a willing sexual partner to your spouse
Being faithful means giving yourself to your spouse for him or her to take pleasure in the intimate side of the marriage. Withholding sexual intimacy does not help in keeping your marriage fulfilling and strong. It creates suspicion and even sorrow. As a faithful spouse, you should do your part to make the relationship beautiful in all aspects.

Confiding in the opposite sex
The moment you pour out your heart to someone of the opposite sex you are placing yourself in a susceptible position. At first it seems harmless. In any case, you only needed a shoulder to cry on. If you have a problem, talk to your spouse about it. That is your best shoulder to cry on. When that does not work for you, try a trusted therapist, clergyman, or relative. You should not consider someone that is likely to consider this as an invitation for intimacy. Regardless of whether it does not start that way, on many occasions it ends that way. It is a form of unfaithfulness.

Talking negatively regarding your partner
Whilst you are a true friend to someone you don’t bad mouth them to others. You should regard your spouse your best friend and he/she should be the last person you ever talk negatively about. When you have a beef with your spouse, it is advisable to talk it out with him or her. Your conversations with other people should focus on the good things regarding your spouse. This is a way of being faithful. The exception under this scenario is abuse. Any form of abuse ought to be reported to a trusted counselor, friend or the police. It’s you responsibility to keep yourself safe.

Spending time with someone else
A mere innocent lunch out with an individual of the opposite sex or stopping by someone’s home for a chat without your spouse can be categorized as a form of unfaithful behavior. Both of you might say, “We are both adults. Nothing is going to happen”. As a matter of fact, things do happen. It is not appropriate. Just go home and spend the time you have spared with your spouse.

Chatting with people of the opposite sex
You think this is harmless? Think again. It usually starts that way, but it will not end that way. Some people engage in what they consider innocent conversation with a former girlfriend or boyfriend from college days or high school, and even a stranger they’ve just met. One thing is likely to lead to another and before you realize your marriage is jeopardized. Do not do it. It will only result in heartbreak and sorrow for your family.

Writing intimate letters or notes to someone else
When you are writing a letter of congratulations or condolence, or any other good wishes, it should be from both you and your spouse. As a result, there won’t be any misunderstanding regarding your intentions.

Dressing to attract other people’s attention
The moment to start to dress in order to look good for someone else, there is need to reconsider your motives. Trying to attract others by wearing sexy outfits is one way of jumping into unfaithful waters.

Putting your parents before your spouse
Your spouse ought to be the number one in your life. When something magnificent ensues on you, like a confirmation of a pregnancy, a promotion e.t.c, you may be tempted to instantly call your parent to share the news. Just resist this. Your spouse should be the first to know about the news. Afterwards, you can share with others.


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