How to Build Relationships with Powerful People


Building relationships with powerful individuals is among the best things to do for your career.

Imagine having the ability to send a few emails, and having interviews for your dream jobs pouring in a matter of hours.

If you have been in business for some time, you already discern how important the people you know are.

One strong connection can act as the difference between success and failure.

Here are some tips on what might work for you in your quest to build relationships with powerful people……..

Write about them

The internet provides you with an opportunity to get the attention of industry leaders without attempting any form of direct contact.

If you constantly comment on someone’s blogs, retweet their posts or mention them in your writing, they are likely to take notice.

Interview them

You have heard several times that in the era of the internet we are all publishers and media companies. You should leverage on that.

Requesting to interview someone is not used often, but it is a highly effective strategy when it comes to connecting with A-list leaders.

You would find it hard to land top business executives willing to have a half-hour coffee and share career advice with a stranger.

However, thanks to the democratization of the media, since it would be as valuable for them to talk to a blogger as it would be with a member of the mainstream media.

Do work for them

When you undertake some work for a successful individual you tend to deepen your relationship with them.

There is a guarantee that you will receive great referrals from them (that is if you do a commendable job).

Referrals from powerful people tend to be the best, since they are connected to other powerful people.

This will skyrocket the chances of landing your dream job.

After you figure out their problems and the help they might need, you will generate some ideas on how you might help them with your professional skills.

Add value

No one will give a damn regarding what you want unless you provide them with what they want.

You should know how to add value to that successful individual you are reaching out to.

You might send them a useful article, share a valuable idea, or offer to make an introduction that they stand to benefit from.

Ask for introductions

It’s not always that you need to directly make the connection with the individual you desire to meet.

It is easier to get introduced to someone by requesting one of their friends to initiate the connection.

It presents a favorable way to get connected with powerful people since they are likely to value an introductions coming from people already in their circle.

Attend live events

Whether it is an event or conference in your industry, it is important to attend.

It becomes faster to network and develop connections with people when you meet them face to face.

Live events provide you a favorable opportunity to do this.

By placing yourself in important events, you are in a complimentary position to develop strong connections.


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